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How do I detect vaginal discharge in my husband's underwear?

Detect semen mixed with vaginal discharge.

There is no home test that will resolve your issue of infidelity on male underwear

  1. Order serology test by credit card, PayPal, or money order.  Your free blood detection is included on every pair of underwear worn by a male.

  2. Check email for shipping instructions if ordered online

  3. Send sample to SSDI, 110 East Broward Blvd. Suite 1700 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 in envelope or paper bag


Customer Testimonial
Male Underwear

I was amazed at this group of professionals. Every question I had was answered swiftly and completely. Thank god for such a company as this. My doubts about my 28 year marriage was made clear as crystal by Steve, David and Carla.  No matter how busy they were in their studies they never did not answer my questions and concerns. I am now saying goodbye to a relationship that spanned a mere 33 years of my 49 year life with complete trust in their ability to conduct the DNA work I needed to prove my husband was unfaithful. I strongly recommend this company to any and all who suspect you have a cheating spouse. When the divorce is final I will frame the underwear that bore the evidence of his unfaithfulness and hand them to him. Don't think I won't. Even with the DNA evidence he yet denies it all. But I have proof that will stand when the world is on fire. Female DNA profile in his underwear along with her favorite glitter lip gloss "hung him out to dry". I deserve better and better I will find. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bridget from TN


Vaginal discharge can be distributed in multiple locations within a pair of male underwear after intercourse.  There is no single test that can be performed on a stain that would classify the stain as vaginal discharge.  We have tested thousands of pairs of ladies panties and have the most experience of any serology lab in identifying what can be vaginal discharge on male underwear. 

There are many signs which may have lead you to this page for further investigation which may include his behavior as well as the evidence below.

  • Ejaculate matter: Abnormal amount of seminal fluid or discharge, with or without sperm.
    • Having performed thousands of previous tests, we are able to discern whether the amount of fluid/discharge is typical or excessive.

      • Flirting, visual stimulation, nocturnal emissions are a few examples that can cause seminal discharge without intercourse or adultery. The most common is the nocturnal emission.  

      • Nocturnal emissions may happen with or without an erection and can be accomplished while completely asleep. Women are also capable of having a nocturnal emission however, they are much more noticeable in a pair of menís underwear than a pair of ladies panties.

    • Our special wavelength ultraviolet lights will highlight the biological substances which then are micro-punched with our unique proprietary procedure included in our semen/sperm/saliva/blood detections as well as our DNA extractions.  

  • Discoloration: Abnormal color such as brownish or reddish tingeing caused by blood, fecal matter, oral stimulants, or cosmetics.
  • Abnormal or pungent odor.
    • The sweat glands in the male genitals release odorless compounds called pheromones that attract the opposite sex.
    • STDs can contribute to bad male genital odors.
    • There are several causes of vaginal odor but 95% of vaginal odor is caused by an infection that causes Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). While it can be passed from partner to partner, it is not a sexually transmitted disease. Nonetheless, BV is the main cause of vaginal odor, with the odor becoming particularly intense after having sex.
    • Normal vaginal secretions have a pH of 4 while the pH of vaginal secretions during BV is greater than 4.7. Sperm or semen has a neutral pH of approximately 7. When semen is introduced into a vagina that has BV, the bad bacterium releases more amines (any of a class of compounds derived from ammonia by replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms with organic groups) which produces the foul odor (some call it a fishy odor). This odor also may increase during menstruation.
  • Greasy non-drying stain:  This is indicative of lubrication or oral stimulant.  These stains often lose their color within a few days because the dye is light, water soluble, and made to fade and not stain the material.  
    • Example: Kiwi Strawberry by Trigg Laboratories.  Red in color but does not stain.
    • Ingredients: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Carbomer, PEG, Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Aspartame, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, Tetrasodium EDTA, Aloe Vera, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), Citric Acid.)
    • Take a fine tip marker such as an "ultra fine point Sharpie" and circle the stain before it dries and possibly disappears.

::Civil Case

The case settled without going to court. Final papers will be signed March 5th. She said to tell you thanks for what you did and the testing was a major factor in the settlement.

JT - Dallas

This case involved male underwear where a distinct female profile was obtained that did not match the wife.  This resulted in a substantial out of court settlement in her favor from the divorce.

The handling and storage of a suspicious pair of male underwear is very important.

  • Use gloves when handling or a new tissue or paper towel.  Never touch, lick, or place the fabric directly on your face to smell.  Prepare a clean surface covered by paper towels or a clean fabric towel if further visual investigation is necessary prior to sending them for analysis.
  • Store the underwear in a new paper bag or envelope.  Never seal in a Ziploc or any plastic bag.  As a last resort, you can store them in a plastic grocery bag but do not seal it shut.
  • The presence of moisture on a sample causes growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and the degradation of biological cells.   Let the sample dry naturally at room temperature if you cannot send them in immediately. 
  • The presence of mold or mildew in the stained area of his underwear will not change the outcome of the semen/saliva/blood detection.  However, the sperm and skin cells will not properly bind with the primers used to amplify the DNA which cause the DNA profile to be useless.  

In many cases, the infidelity of cheating husbands has been confirmed by testing their underwear.  Once the serology (semen/sperm/saliva/blood) detection is completed, your conclusive written report will make specific recommendations for DNA extraction when warranted.  Most successful cases which cause the spouse to confess involve the serology report (identifying the stains) and the DNA report (proving that the female DNA is not yours).  See our report section for actual examples.

Common issues we try to determine on every tested pair of male underwear:

  • Did an ejaculation occur?  This can be determined if there is sperm present as long as the contributor did not have a successful vasectomy or is not azoospermic. 
  • Are the test outcomes (PSA, AP, Microscopic Examination, Sperm Protein) consistent with samples that normally produce a female DNA profile? 
  • Was blood detected in the stains (possibly from indiscernible menstrual or vaginal bleeding from intercourse.
  • Was saliva detected in the stains.  Oral sex with or without intercourse can produce a female profile.
  • The odd location of fecal matter has resolved several situations when DNA testing demonstrates two distinct male profiles.

Have more questions?  Return to our frequently asked question section, email info@semen-detection.com, or initiate a web chat or call from the contact page.

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