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Saliva Test Introduction

The test for saliva is a lateral flow immunochromatographic strip test designed to detect the presence of human salivary amylase, an enzyme found in human saliva; the enzyme’s physiological role is to aid in the digestion of dietary starches. The test for saliva is specific and has numerous advantages over current enzymatic methods for amylase detection, including increased sensitivity, specificity, and speed. Current enzyme activity-based methods for saliva detection are not specific for human saliva and cross react with bacterial, fungal and pancreatic amylase, which all score positive when enzymatic assays for amylase activity are used for saliva detection. The test for saliva uses two anti-human salivary amylase, monoclonal antibodies, in a lateral flow format, that detects the presence of salivary amylase, rather than the activity of the enzyme.

Infidelity Test for Human Saliva - Oral Sex Detection


Semen and Sperm Detection Inc is proud to announce that it has implemented the first confirmatory test for human saliva into our semen detection test protocols. 


The immunochromatographic strip test uses a dual monoclonal antibody specific for human salivary amylase (HSA). No cross reaction has been observed with blood, semen, urine, vaginal secretions, or menstrual blood.


A positive HSA test on ladies panties can be useful to determine if oral sex was performed.  Even if the semen detection is negative, a DNA extraction can be performed on a positive HSA sample to determine if a man's DNA profile is present.   


The saliva test can be performed independent of the semen and blood detection tests when necessary.