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SSDI Affiliate sign up

Earn 20% Commission Immediately! 

  • Register your company or website in our secure affiliate management section

  • Log into the affiliate area after your account has been established.

    • Access to banner promotions and HTML code

    • Access to impression and click through reporting

    • Access to completed sales and payment accounting.

  • Request specific banner design from our contact page.

  • How it works
    • Potential customer visits your web site and clicks on banner.
    • Our server sets a cookie in the potential customer's browser with an ID string which tags them with your affiliates ID code and sends them to our web site.  This cookie will remain in our system for 90 days.
    • Potential customers browse our web site and makes a purchase. During the checkout stage the cookie is read and the affiliate ID is stored in the database along with other purchase information.
    • You can then generate reports which show and track these sales and banner impressions.


  • HTML code for the banners shown at this link will be available upon your affiliate registration.