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Semen and Sperm Detection test report on a semen detection with negative Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Acid Phosphatase (AP) and sperm identification.  


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Hundreds of AP false negatives on file - See test report section

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A Private Investigator performed an Acid Phosphatase test on his client's wife's panties that his client obtained after a suspicious outing.  The PI told the customer that the results were positive (see the purple stain in the photograph).  The customer confronted his wife and she convinced him to have a professional laboratory test performed.  Our tests were completely negative for semen/sperm and saliva to the relief of the customer and satisfaction of the wife.

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(Report is identical to released notarized report except customer information was removed)


Analysis Report

Case #  PSA81984


The item to be tested is one pair of tan of ladies panties; manufactured by Victoria’s Secret, size M, RN 70817.  The crotch area contained a purple stain from an acid phosphatase test performed by a private investigator.  UV long and short wave light confirmed the locations for testing. 


A test for the presence of Acid Phosphatase (AP) was conducted.  Acid phosphatase is an enzyme present in semen at concentrations of 20 to 400 times other body fluids.  The presence of acid phosphatase is a presumptive test for the presence of semen and needs to be confirmed by DNA or the presence of a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA).  

A Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test was completed.  The detection of the PSA on forensic samples is often helpful because it confirms the presence of semen even in samples that involve vasectomized or azoospermic individuals. The PSA is a glycoprotein produced by the prostate gland and secreted in seminal fluid at concentrations (from 2.0x105 to 5.5x106 ng/ml).

A microscopic examination was performed.  Microscopic examination is a presumptive test for the presence of sperm unless intact, non-degraded sperm are detected.  Intact sperm are rarely visible after 4 days unless the sample was immediately frozen and properly stored.

A test for human salivary amylase (HSA), an enzyme found in human saliva was performed.  This test will detect as little as 1 µl of saliva with no cross-reaction to blood, semen, urine, vaginal secretions or menstrual blood.



All tests were negative for the presence of semen and sperm.  AP and PSA were not detected and no intact sperm heads were detected microscopically. A RSID saliva test was performed and was negative for human saliva.



The test was negative for the presence of semen by AP, PSA and microscopic examination.  The test was negative for the presence of human saliva.  The tested sample and proof of test will be held in freezer for 90 days then destroyed unless requested by the customer.  Results were mailed to the address below.