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Semen and Sperm Detection test report on a semen detection with positive Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), negative Acid Phosphatase (AP) and negative for sperm identification.

Positive semen detection reports identify to extreme specifics the strength of each outcome.  When panties are tested the results provide the time frame the intercourse took place.  This level of detail and expertise is unparalleled by any existing semen detection company. 

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The customer (husband) suspected that his wife had recent intercourse and their sex life was nonexistent.  The semen detection was positive and no DNA extraction was necessary to prove infidelity.  He confronted his wife and she confessed.  We received this response from the customer: 

Thanks so much for solving this for me. Not only was the speed very impressive but the thoroughness of your analysis was just what I needed to force my wife to tell me the truth after 2 years of deceit and lies. This was just beautiful!!!
 Sincerely, Steven from Florida

(Report is identical to released notarized report except customer information was removed)